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Krishna mishra @krishna282

Hiii I’m feeling so depressed and lonely nowadays
It feels like someone is missing in my life
I just want to find that person and be happy with that person

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You are that person…if you keep relying on people to bring your happiness it will go when they leave and you will always feel empty, try to create your own happiness that is long lasting, do things you love, hobbies, travel, reading, cooking can be anything, make friends, go to events, there is so much you can do, you just have to be in the moment to enjoy those things and that brings happiness…so dont look somewhere else for your happiness its inside you only…

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SUMIT SONUNE @sumit43s

Just love yourself
Delete all scocial media and relax 👍

Myspri @onlythebrave

Well in that case engage in something that makes u happy deep inside ur heart and forget that ur lonely

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Shi @mindlyshi

Tryna look for a hobby to spend the time you used to spend with THAT person 🤞
God bless you ☺️
Hare Krishna

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