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Hope you all are doing well…
I don’t know how to start… Well, I have tell this anyway… So here it goes… Pardon me if there are any mistakes…
It all began when I moved to a new city away from home for my bachelors. Everything was fine until met these idiotic arrogant bastards whom I called my friends. I was more like a bullied one in the group. At first I thought they were just having fun, sooner it became worse. They were dominating me in every possible ways. And were using me as their puppet (lamb) than treating me as a person. It was the time when I was feeling low. I was in one sided relationship or love and like many she BRO-zoned me when I confided my feelings for her. I underwent a long term depression. I didn’t know what was happening around me. I just trusted them (my so called friends) and I went with the flow.
I was just their 5th or 6th wheel for them. They bullied me like hell, just because I couldn’t talk like they did. Everytime they used to roast me it pulled my confidence down to the bottom. They even went behind my back and did things for which I had to pay the price.
There was a guy in our college who was very much good in his academics, who went through the same thing but with his group of friends. He even tried to kill himself, which led to his parents who later learnt what he had gone through. He was bullied just like me. This incident happened after I finished my bachelors. I felt very sad for him. I even tried to contact him, but didn’t find any way to do so.
Months after that I got to that the guy was now doing well and has joined other course in his native.
When I heard about him, it was a dèjá vu moment for me. As I had gone through the same thing which he had experienced. Soon after my bachelors, I began to drift away from them. I think I did the right thing. Or did I?? Because I’m feeling a lot better than I used to be.
Then I learnt money and how well you speak matters the most here in today’s world.

Post anonymously?

Hey, as I reading your post, it
give chills me how fucked up some people are at the same time it make me absolutely grateful for the kind of friends I met in college.
Seriously, I don’t understand what kind of fun people get just by being such assholes and making others life miserable. It’s really heartbreaking to come across such experiences.
Nevertheless, I am so glad that you shared this with us and I think it’s so brave of you to do that. I really hope you get to meet good people in your future just like yourself. 🌈💙