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hi , so its 1am rn but im falling so hard for this guy (im a guy too btw) , but the prob is LGBTQIA+ is very condoned in my country , also hes my friend, ive teased him , saying “lets be platonic soulmates” but he obv doesnt know what that was. pls im falling so fucking hard rn. I AM FALLING SO HARD , i just wanna ran my hands thru his hairs. Ive done this before , and ive stopped at one point but then he asked me whyd i stopped, so i think he likes it. i love you sm


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Wow… define condone? Beheading and stuff? Or just give u the look… be more open abt it with him… if he wants u… u got it buddy… if he doesn’t… oh well find someone else’s hair to play with