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Hi… So I’m having trouble finding out whether I’m bi or not…
So I’m a girl… and I’ve always been attracted to guys… but recently I thought “could I be bi!?” I tried to see if I had feelings for any of my friends… and this one girl… I feel like I like her but I’m not sure…
So basically I was playing T or D with my friends, there we’re 4 of us- Me, two girls and one guy. Let’s call them- the 1st girl “Crush?” (who is the one I think who I might have feelings for), 2nd girl- “B” the guy- “A”

So basically “Crush?” asked me T or D, I said “T” [ and there’s this rule we made that If you choose T which is Truth, You will be asked three questions, just to make it more interesting]
Situation 1:
Crush?: Do you have a crush?
Me: Well I’m not sure If I like that person or not-
Crush?: Who is your crush?
Me: I- I’m n-not gonna tell you that-
Crush?: Describe your crush.
Me: Well- They’re into fashion- I guess-
B: I think I know who it is-
Me: thinking ‘B’ knows I’m into girls- and that i like ‘crush?’
B: Is it-
Me: blushing intensifies
So i thought i liked her for sure because of situation 1 but then read situation 2-

Situation 2

So i wore a hoodie and put my hood on
Crush?: That actually looks cute- Oh snap- I called you cute-
Me: not really bothered, not blushing, nothing-

See what I mean? Also I’m not a person who y’know blushes a lot but that didn’t even make me smile a little bit- also I think the reason for this is in my other post- check my profile but besides that Can anybody help me figure out if i like her or not? Also Thank you for reading this since its so long-

Post anonymously?

A lot of people are thinking these kind of things. A friend(kind of) of mine shared this with me too. She too was confused. Since we were not on quite good terms and I was kind of shocked that she shared this with me, I didn’t properly reply. But mind that I didn’t judge her! But here is what I think (what I am about to say, you may think that I am not liberal but I think it might help you), the constant flooding of information to us without any stop and so much talk regarding this matter is confusing us. Confusing us about our sexuality.

Being said that, here is my advice (I might be wrong but here it is) - You can be attracted to any gender. What matters more is who cares about you or who doesn’t. Who you think you can confide in and who you think won’t understand you. Go and feel you inner wiring. Don’t be stressed whether you are a bi or not but focus on who were there when you needed them and who makes you feel confident and brings positivity in your life. Be with them and help them too.

Last but not the least, love yourself for whoever you are. When you start loving yourself, you will attract the right people.

May you have a wonderful life😃

Thank you so much for this!! <3
It’s really heart warming!
And have an amazing life too!! 😊


Hope this eased your stress🙂

It definitely did! Thanks once again! <3


No problem!

so i read your profile, and I know exactly what you’re going through. There are many guys and a girl out there I’ve really loved or at least had huge crush on and I never got to say goodbye to some of them (they’re not dead, just left without a trace) and some of them I wish I hadn’t said goodbye to. Closure is a very hard thing to do and lack of it is even worse to deal with.

There is this dumb thing that I kind of made up but Shakespeare actually did, I call it the “Mercutio Method”. In the start of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo likes a girl called Rosaline, but they can’t be together so his mates Mercutio and Benevolio tell him to go and find another girl to heal his heart. This girl is Juliet and we know how that goes down. But the point is to get over one love he finds another. Sometimes this is good, and you find someone you love even more and get over your heartache. But like Adele says, “sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead”. Many times I’ve thought that I loved someone until I realised it was more that my heart was just trying to heal itself by loving someone else.

This is not to say you’re feelings aren’t real, IDK because I’m not the one feeling them! But to put it more simply, would you kiss this girl? How would you feel if you hugged her, or she held your hand? I guess from there it is easier to work out. Either way, but honest and follow your heart and trust your gut. In the end, your feelings don’t lie.

This is unrelated, but when I realised I was bi this short film literally saved my life (I thought it was wrong to be a girl that liked girls and I didn’t think it was possible to like both! Dumb, ikr?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAaqLIsOmCE

Sorry this is so long! Thanks for reading and I hope it helps!

Thank you so much for understanding me!!
And I too sometimes feel like maybe I’m just trying to make myself think I like her to get over him.
But to answer your question I would hold hands with her, hug her, and probably kiss her.

growing up when I knew about the LGBTQ community I always supported them. but suddenly when it comes to me… i used to think is this okay? The film You sent me is really adorable and it’s made me realize it is okay!

Thanks so much for your help and thanks for taking time to write this!! <3

Your more than welcome :) that short film made me feel so much better about myself and so I want to spread the joy! :D have an awesome day mate!

You too!!