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hi people,
I am really super frustrated. I don’t understand why every tailor behaves as bitch. No offence not all are that way. I am like really into clothes and I will be trying various designs. Till now I have given my dresses and blouses for stitching like nearly 10 places out of which only 2 were upto the mark. I dont understand when I am explaining my concerns they will behave as if they got all my points, later on when i receive the dress it will be a disaster. I feel like throwing it on their face. I have given like 5 persons oh forgot to tell those all are quite famous in the area still not even one could stitch perfect one.
my wonderful mother who always likes which i don’t like she says to every time they stitched something “wow what a blouse perfect fitting”. When i compare my crop top with the blouse the tailor stitched it is no where near it. I stopped explaining them the models so i started bringing exact replica of design i needed and asked them to stitch na still fucking ruiners. I have given cloth to stitch blouse nearly 10 people in different locations too no nothing fits well.
I always wonder why the hell i should give to others let me quit job for a while and start learining tailoring so i dont have to go to every dumbass idiot for stitching. But here comes my mother no if you want good one go and spend more money and get it done you should not learn it. My crop top and the blouse tailor stitched doesn’t be same the hands if i ask for full sleeve they will come with 3/4th still my mother supports them. If I ask her is this how it should be she never supports me always says tailors are stitching well you are the one complaining. Am i really when u ask for mango and u get lemon i have to take it and eat i should not complain. Also y shouldn’t i are they stitching me for free of cost i am paying enough without bargaining so they should atleast do 50%. assholes

recently i gave a dress with reference pics she stitched exactly opp to what i ask. Still my goddess mother tells what a dress with perfect fitting. When I showed my mother see madam my queen this is the pic i have sent her and this is not the one i asked. Tell me guys what is a floor length dress which touches floor hiding ur feet but according to my tailor I ask her to stitch a frock of knee length she has stitched me a dress till ankle length displaying my feet. what the hell bro am is stupid. i am never going to wear that dress, never ever. It will stay in my rack for couple of years and then my goddess mother will donate it to someone. i dont understand why my mother always supports others even if its their mistake she never confronts them and tell me i dont like anyone. I really hate her too in that matter. I know I am a bit picky if i dont like anything i show it upfront i didn’t like something ok just throw it at the end of closet and forget about it. I badly needed a super good tailor even if he charges more the dress has to be with perfect fitting.

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I totally get you, i mean , if tailors are not even stitchin them right, for which they earn and for Godsake for which they are named as TAILORS, still cant stitch nice , its absurd !!!
Totally absurd !!!
No matter what and how we tell them to stitch, they just dont do it !! Sometimes, measurement area goes wrong 😑 for which they tape you around like your body’s curve matters !
Seriously don’t know what to do with them !


The worst part is my mom supporting them that they stitched well and i am idiot