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Mother of a 3 year old. I am feeling Low and unwanted. No sex past 4 years. He is unaffected, workaholic! Physically and emotionally we have drifted apart. Is it ok to be in a sexless marriage? Anyone with me ?

Post anonymously?

You should talk to him about it and see what is his opinion


Please talk with him regarding this, sex is very crucial part of a relationship and marriage. It’s not okay that he is treating you like this. This might result in your attraction towards someone else, and u might choose pleasure. So it’s better you talk to him about your feelings.


Talk to your husband clearly …share what you are feeling and your needs …


It is absolutely ok. After a certain age/point each relation turns into a huge responsibility. Sex becomes less enjoyable.

i am with you. try clearing things out with your husband. may be he might think something else or there’s something else in his mind. these things might end you cheating on him or something else, rather go for clarification first. sex is important and so is communication in a relationship


pamper him a bit maybe
and make sure he’s not being like this because of the baby


Ask from a professional help maybe