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Hi… It’s my 13th birthday tomorrow (17th Jan)
and I feel like… my school friends forgot…
And my heart is in the gutter…
Tears are falling down my eyes… Ik I’ve not been able to cry lately- so it was really weird when i got tears…
My society friends… definitely remember because their planning something from me…
but I’m not excited… because of what happened last year…

Well… last year, It went like this-

I was just minding my own business and i thought of erasing everything that was there on the board cause no one else was doing so. Then I got shoes thrown at me-… by some random dude for no reason… and the worst part is the teacher didn’t even do anything AT ALL. I was about to report it to the police cause it’s practically abuse.


It was amazing!! If my friends hadn’t planned anything for me I would have probably been sad and alone- ; - ; Thanks for caring though!!! Also- my friends pranked me about forgetting my birthday ; - ;

How I celebrated (If anyone is interested)
My school friends planned games for me on Roblox

M society friends decorated the whole wing with balloons and they wrote messages on the balloons, the got whipped cream to smash on my face:)
They danced on K-pop songs and made a video out of it
My friend baked cookies and cake
I got them cupcakes
We played a game where the translated korean lyrics into english and I had to guess the song. Conclusion: It was FUN!

Post anonymously?

Happy Birthday! I wish I could hug you right now…


Thank youuu!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I’m so proud of you, here if you need to talk. How’d it go? Hopefully no flying footwear this time?

Maybe they are planning a surprise for you and making you feel they forget your birthday. We have done this with our friends to make them feel special and unexpected.

Now, what they did shouldn’t be there for a birthday boy! Shoes were thrown for fun or they planned to take some revenge or for their fun?

idk if it’s the 17th where you are I’m dumb, but either way HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Do you play Royale High on Roblox? Because we could play there as a mini happy birthday party :D Congrats on being a teenager! It’s rough, but you’re strong and I know you’ll get through whatever comes at you! I hope your day gets better, a lot better than the last!! (i have no idea why someone would do that that’s many levels of nasty and just plain weird to throw shoes at someone)


It’s the 18th now ; - ; and I do play Royale high!!! can I get your user mine’s : Slimeatory30 :D , My Cousin brother plays on this account too- so If you see someone dressed as a guy it’s him-
And Thanks so much for caring!!!

I’ve got 2 accounts, but I’m mostly on scarletlocksleyagain :D sorry I can’t play for now, I’m at a sleepover, but maybe tomorrow? :C again, happy birthday!!


Sure we can play some other time!! and Thank you!!