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Hi I’m Nikhitha. I’m sad because of people around me who are really hurting me by their behaviour and words. I tried to ignore all those many times but at last end up with some kinda sadness. Can anyone help me how to ignore this kinda people?

Post anonymously?

Hey first of all take deep breaths Nd calm down now listen a person hurts u when they do somthing wish is not normal or againt what we tought if u want to ignore them the best way is to try to do less inteaaction and be more self invest to ur goals if u get a free mind it will run towards those thing but if u occupy it with good thoughs and good goals it wont go far


They hurt you because they are jealous in some or the other way and you know if you want to ignore them think of it like “i m not hypocrite like these people “
Soo yeah this is it


You feel bad not because they said bad to you but actually their opinion about you, is important for you. Always remember, someone’s opinion doesn’t change the reality about ourselves . You know yourself better. Never judge yourself through the lens of other ppl. Ppl who have hope will definitely spread hope, the ppl who developed fear will spread fear,the ppl who are unable to understand the reality will always make unreal perception about you to make you feel inferior. It is about ppl. We have to be cautious while sitting in companies of such ppl. But yes they might be those who are close to you. But how they can understand what kind of pain you are feeling,ppl have their own perception, never judge your self through their perception. Ignore them and try to sit in better company where you can talk without any insecurities.


Hi Nikhitha,
People have always got something or other to say…
But to get hurt
Is our choice…
You are a sensitive n emotional person
You are taking things to heart.
You are permitting ppl to judge n hurt u
Pls dnt do so…
Just stop giving imp to ppl
Stop thinking much about anyone.
Focus on your life…
Absorb your mind in something.
Stay engrossed.
Make ur career.
Chase your dreams…

N most imp

If someone is constantly hurting you with their behaviour

pls avoid clinging to toxic ppl…

Be with and be for only those who value,appreciate n respect you…

You deserve lots in life.
N u will get it
Just have more faith in urself…

More power,strength n light to you.
Take care.