I’m new to this website and just wanted to ask a quick question since I have nowhere else to go to ask it.
Have you ever had a friend that you care about but in an odd way? I do. They’re a great friend and have brung me so much happiness in the last few years that I’ve known them. Except there are times when they don’t bring me that same happiness and I feel horrible. I hate feeling that way. Of course it’s not anything that they’ve done or said to cause me any harm, it’s usually me who’s the one who get’s myself into these moods. For example, yesterday she started to talk more to these friends that they and I have, they left these friends a few months back for personal reasons and now they’re back trying to be friends with them again. And when they talk and have fun with them it feels like they’re leaving me behind. I don’t want them to be close to my friends but at the same time I kinda do. I hate feeling like this.
Should I leave them and completely cut contact with them?

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Hi…Thank you for sharing.
I hear you. I understand how you feel.

I have been there.
It’s tough I know but don’t be so hard on yourself. Take your time.

It’s okay…sometimes you just don’t connect with your friends…your vibes don’t match…just do your own thing for sometime…spend time with yourself…don’t feel bad about anything.
I have taken such breaks and my friends understood. They cared. They let me be me. I’m sure your friends will to.

Give yourself some time. Communicate how you feel.
If they are meant to be in your life…they will be.
Believe in yourself. Believe in them and your bond.

Everything will get better.
Be kind to yourself. Love yourself.

Loads of love and huggs✨

I believe in you.

I’m here if you want to talk ❤️

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