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Hi. I am struggling here and hanging on by a thread. My ex-girlfriend doesn’t want anything to do with me. Maybe I am not thinking clearly, but I genuinely don’t want to live in this world without her beautiful brown eyes greeting me every morning. We planned our wedding and picked the engagement ring. She was my love.The break-up happened months ago, but I think I am just processing that she isn’t coming back. I feel like a load of bricks and mortar has fallen on my chest. Even though the sun is shining, all I see is darkness. I am so alone due to my two friends having their own families. I am stuck in the same routine for months of working, then sleeping. My apartment is full of garbage and dirty clothes. I look and feel like absolute shit. I’ve decided that I might be better off checking out of this reality. The only problem is I don’t want to suffer physical pain. Maybe I am scared, I am not sure. I formed an unhealthy attachment. Tarot readings say she will return. I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help me.

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Heyyy heyyy please don’t lose hope i am requesting you, you matter for this world, and i am really sorry that you had to go through this, you never deserve all this, and yeah i have been going through some rough phases since 15 years so you can understand… can we talk ?

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