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Hi, I am constantly feeling like I am pretending to be something I am not. I feel like every interaction I have with anyone I have to be careful about what I say. I feel like I am stuck in life I don’t want to have. That I am stil friends with people around me because of habit and I do not know what to do. I just can’t do this anymore I want to change everything about me.
Only thing I feel I have control of is my education which is almost over, and after that I don’t know how will I keep going. I feel like I am living day by day, hoping a miricle will happen I everything will change. I know i have to start, I have to make changes. But how? How do you change everything? How do you reinvent your self?

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The thing i like is that you know you have to change all this, and i appreciate that. Most of the people can’t realize that they have to change.

Now the Hard part begins, How???

It’s hard to tell anyone what they have to do, what to not because it’s your life and you know it better than anyone. You have to explore it by yourself, what issues to be addressed first, what is in my control what is not and many more. You will get better in it by time.

But it’s not like no one can help you in this. You can use people’s advice who have changed their life. Who became something from nothing.

The first thing i really really recommend is Reading.
Read about the issues you are facing right now like how to be yourself, how to not give a sh*t about people. how to be more straight forward to people. There are so many books in the world. You can find solutions on anything you wish and books can give you deep knowledge of issues and problems and their solutions.

Second i can say taking to person who you think can help you on this. A genuine friend, any relative any person you trust.

Third, Giving your Mind the Right Food. Whatever wee see or listen our brain process it again and again, as long as it can. So be specific about what you see on Youtube, TV or anywhere else. Watch videos about changing yourself, follow the people whom you think can help you in your changing journey.
Do each and every little thing which will lead you to a life you Need.
Filter your environment with positive people or productive people.

If you are not a good reader then start reading a book about something you like so much, something funny, something which is so attractive that you can’t say no to reading it. This will create a habit of reading. Then you can switch to any book you want.

At last be patient, don’t focus on results. Try to enjoy the process of changing.

Try ''Atomic Habits by James Clear" if you can’t find any book to start.

Good Luck…


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