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Hi i am a bisexual girl in a relationship for past one year… My parents are not at all supportive towards my sexuality and they say this is just a phase, you haven’t watched the world yet… They told ne not to have contacts w my girlfriend due to which i have to do everything secretly from them. I feel so bad that even my own parents and my country aren’t supportive towards LGBTQ+ rights. I havr no trust towards my oarents now neither do i think they trust me too… It sucks to live in this kinda family at times! I feel depressed most of the times and dont like to talk to them so i sleep during the day and be awake at the time when everyone else is sleeping at my house.


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When you’re old enough to move out, do that and fucking live your life bro.
They should love you as who you are. Not by who you love.
Try to teach them about lgbtq on the side tho. Watch lgbtq movies. Like the Sonam Kapoor one (I forgot the name). I watched it with mom and she was amused and excited.
Tbh idk about my sexuality, sometimes think its because I’m so horny that I find everyone hot.
Tho mom don’t like the fact of lgbtq and also the fact that two of my frens are dating, she does not approve, and say that it’s just a phase.
But I always open up to her and make her understand that it’s natural.
Try your best to make them understand.
I hope you’ll be in a healthy environment in future.