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Hi how to deal with skinny body shaming and people calling you flat all the time

Post anonymously?

And live your life.
People will body shame no matter how we look.
They don’t know what you going thru and you said they laughed at you for having a chronic health situation. Thats how low mindset they have.
They are not even worth the energy you spend thinking about them.
Skinny is beautiful.
You are beautiful.
You are gorgeous.
Sending you love❤️



Look I am skinny too. 1st of all dont take body shaming on yourself. 2nd of all its important to stay healthy.


I’m skinny because of a chronic health condition and I’m laughed on for having it too

You know the reason off being skinny then why would you feel low?


Haha hello from your dost who weighs 47 kgs herself!
It’s okay boo. Even if we turn fat nah, still people are gonna fat shame us.
They bark when they feel like
But we know that we are what we are. Flat or not, we love ourselves.
People are talking about us. So we are pretty popular huh??


I mean I dumped someone and this is where him and his frens started all this stuff


Areee you’re a star now.
People are literally talking behind your back.
So you are right on your way.
Kuch to log kahenge dost


Wait you’re indian? Umm yes fax


Yess i’mma bengali

Amio bangali


Yaayyyyy😂😂that’s a big coincidence
You’re from Kolkata?



Good that we have now found a bengali community xD



Be the cool person in that area and show them the middle finger


Who are they to describe you…flat and all…???why are you giving them such rights???even if you are flat or short or tall or whatever nobody has right to bodhshame you and if someone does just tell them that you don’t need a judgements from them as they are not feeding you and tell them to use their brain from next time …and fill yourself with confidence…they will scare meeting you next time


yes, thankyou!!!❤️❤️


Tell those people so what if I’m skinny if it’s not bothering me it shouldn’t bother you as well


Yesyes, thankyou 💘


Why to get said about it
Be happy
I am too skinny
And my family members call me
That i looks like
Somebody have hanged clothes on wooden frame 😂

And i also laugh and make joke on self🤣

See truth is i am skinny
And that’s not a bad thing

So be happy