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Hi guys
So i am i a healthy relationship … everything is going well its been 1 year now , he is generous caring … pamper me on everything … Like he is my perfect man … but i don’t know sometimes when we don’t talk because of any xyz reason chahe kuch bhi ho… Ghr pr ho ya kuch bhi… Toh mere dimag me kuch ka kuch chlna start ho jaata h… That no he will leave me … Uska mn bhr gya h … He don’t love me like earlier … Mujhe pta h vo boht acha insaan h bt i don’t know… Mere dimag me kyun itni baate aati h… Compared to my last relationship that guy my ex was way toxic…uski vjh se maine apni mental physical social saari health khrab kri thi … Bt my present man … He is really understanding… Bt pta nhi kyun m uski kuch baate alg way me interpret kr leti hu … Because I don’t want to get hurt again … I get insecure that iske around colleagues h iski …kisi or ko psnd kr liya isne toh… I don’t know m overthinking krti hu jyada ya kya…bt in the end m yhi jaanti hu…mujhe fr se hurt nhi hona… Na m fr se kisi k aage joker bn na chahti hu …na i don’t want to lose this guy… I don’t know what’s this feeling … A confusion or overthinking 😣

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Jo hum mehsus karte hai wo kabhi kabhi humare zehen main chala jata hai bad or good phir hum cheeze uski hisaab se ya person ko usi hisaab se pre judge ya soch lete he is like that as you told is so nice to you insecuty in a relatioship is normal but it should affext it light insecuritys so aap itne dino ke saath rahe ho tho ab aap uske ache behaviour ko trust karo and risk lo bcz he is putting efforts for u now its ur time to put efforts and ek din you wont feel and always talk to ur partner afterall its abour you too or baki tho jaurt pade tho sab hai yaha stay strong


Thnku so much for your time … i will look forward to this ☺️

nothing prolly @idc

it’s purely overthinking bruh, utna socho mat. i get it, you’ve been through a lotta pain in the past but it’s okay. things will be good. when you guys are not talking, just use that time to indulge yourself in some hobby or something. don’t let any negative thoughts enter your mind. take care<3.


Thnku so much… i will look forward to this ❣️

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It’s hard to find a good and healthy relationship. Pls don’t ruin it with negative thinking and insecurities. Always think positive about it


Thnku so much… I will look forward to this ☺️☺️

Tanya Singh @dbtanya01


I think all this isn’t confusion but overthinking. All these doubts are all in your head. You yourself said that the guy is very nice and is really involved in the relation, do you want to ruin that or change that by overthinking every little detail?

You have to understand that your guy is involved in a job/work as well and it is not possible for him to give your replies or talk to you 24*7. Even you might be busy or get busy with some work and even you won’t be able to find it possible to be on your messenger all day long talking.

Whenever you think that you are not understanding his point or find yourself making any other conclusion you should talk to him and ask him to clearly explain his intentions to avoid any misinterpretation.

You have to understand that your man has people around him and it is a part of his job to maintain good relations with his colleagues, but that doesn’t mean he will develop feelings for someone else. If he genuinely loves you and is loyal then you don’t have to worry about his colleagues. People who have the right intentions to stay will definitely stay and people who are not meant to stay will not irrespective of how hard you try.

You need to remind yourself every time you start thinking about all this stuff that you are with someone you love and he loves you and all these things don’t really matter and you won’t ruin what you have with the person by making stories in your head.

If you ever feel that your insecurities are increasing, talk to your man, tell him why do you feel insecure and he will definitely have something good for you.

Just remember, don’t ruin what you have by thinking about things that are only in your head.

Take Care!😊


Thnku so much for letting me understand about this so beautifully ❤️❤️ i appreciate ☺️ i will take care of this from now

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