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Hi all, in 2019 I left my job and I went to follow what I really loved. And since then I have been failing again and again. Now I am in a position in which I have understood that I did a terrible mistake(s).
I left my job to learn data science and joined a course of 8 months and since then I have been failing again and again. Now my parents are not happy with me, and now they don’t talk with me. Every time they make me realize that I am a failure and I made a mess out of myself. Whenever they talk there is an agitation in their voice, and I know they want good for me and they are doing so to bring me on right track.
But I really want to do is to forgive myself for that past mistakes and start again. really want to tell them that I tried my best.
I am so depressed that I cannot get up from my bed.
I tried to follow what I love and failed, I am 25, and is it that bad to fail at this age?

Post anonymously?

Failure happens to everyone it doesn’t matter if you’re 4 or if you’re 65 you will fail many times in life. I’m actually proud of you for going for your dream! Even if you fail you had the same chance to fail with your normal job. So it’s better that you chased for you dreams at least you know you did what you could! You’re 25 you are so so young you will probably fail a whole lot more; however, you will succeed a whole lot as well. You learned you grew you became a better person! Be confident Be yourself Be Happy! Love:)


see it is alright, it’s not easy to succeed in your goal, u need to understand that things always don’t go right if u fail in something; learn from that and prepare for your next part, make yourself confident and show your parents that you are capable to get this job, all the best from my side dear :)


Everyone fails at each age. You have shown the courage to leave the job and start learning skills in data science. You can again start searching for a job in the field you have worked before.


As the saying goes ‘Failure is first step to success’
So bro don’t get depressed keep working hard to do what you love.
And remember you are just 25 you have a long life in front of you
So keep trying hard and I am sure that you will achieve what you love one day.
I believe you bro you can do it.
All the best bro work hard and don’t cry and keep smiling😀

In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

So keep trying and keep going…
Fail and fail and fail again…
Till you make it