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This is feedback regarding the resources given on this website. So since almost 1 year now i have been dealing with alot in my life. Since last few months these things are affecting me in negative way. I decided to seek help. I came across few contacts in resources on webside of now & me. I gathered all my courage and called on helpline of lifeline foundation. I talked with the specialist for about 90 minutes. And these 90min were best time i spend in years. I felt herd. I felt like someone is there for me. She understood my battle so well, like no one else had.
Also she told me that i can call back whenever i feel need of…
All things were very confidential. I didn’t disclosure me identity neither she did. Sometimes talking to a stranger helps rather than talking to know ones.
Thankyou team now & me for providing these contacts.


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Post anonymously?

So good to hear that, hope you do well!! 🖤
I feel you. Even am at same stage as yours I too tried to call somehow on icall today but they didn’t pick up my call… what helped you?


I also called on icall few days back. But nobody respond. Then i called on lifeline foundation… They picked.
You can also try there