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Hey there
So I’m a 15yr old girl who is currently in 10th. When I was in std 7th, a school counselor came to my class and said that she wanted to talk to me. That got me confused as to what had happened. Before that I was always very said. I used to be the most talkative and extroverted person but all that had gone away. Now I rarely ever talk to anyone and yeah. Once my sessions started with the school counselor, I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression I used to be very scared of my dad and the fights that happened between my parents. Then in the beginning of 8th std, I started going to a psychiatrist and a professional psychologist outside school while still continuing school counseling. During all this, I still somehow managed to do dance competitions and all. Then while I was in 8th, in October, me and my mom left our home and dad. I used to have a lot of suicidal thoughts and I also had attempted it. That was a warning sign that something had to be done. After that, we stay at my grandmother’s place for 2 months after which we shifted to a place right next to my school on rent, obviously. That was in 2019 January. Since then, my mom has been the one giving me Panic and Anxiety attacks but now I don’t have help. I don’t go to a psychologist anymore and that’s not an option for me anymore. My mom has caused me severe PTSD but it’s like I have no way so getting help.
Also, I have a sister who is 9 years elder to me. When we left the house she was out of town for her studies and now she juggles between both my parents.

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is there anyone you can talk to about this? A school councilor or helpline? That could really help :)