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Hey there!
I’ve completed my graduation an year ago, took up a job reluctantly at an organization , thought of masters but couldn’t earlier.
Now I’ve convinced everyone at home, I still end up thinking whether I should move out by leaving everything behind.
I don’t really have friends as I’m an introvert and for this very reason , my family took care of me right from my childhood, I understand that I’ll be independent and will start making my own decisions if I move out , I’m still confused whether I should work hard here and get settled or move out.


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What does your heart feel about it? What does your gut feeling say?? What ate all the intuitions u get for this situation? Which one brings smile nd happiness when u think about both the options?? Think about all of these questions one by one in your mind and you will have the answer 😊😊


Thankyou for the approach, will definitely try this one out .

I think you should move out and get that little adventurous ride of life then you will get your answers clearly trust me.
More to then u might be and extrovert after that …
You will meet another family once you come out of your comfort zone.


Thankyou for taking your time out and for the suggestion. Made a Positive impact, hope to be an extrovert one or the other day✨

Always welcome, hope to see u an extrovert soon and an independent woman with strong belief and power ❤️