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Around two months ago I broke up with my girlfriend, we were in a long distance relationship but i tried to visit her whenever i could and had time off work (around once or twice a month, more often during lockdowns). I was the one who brought this topic up but it seemed like we both thought it would be the best for us and we parted ways in seemingly friendly way although we knew we probably couldnt stay even friends anymore. Now two months after, im still thinking about her, its just so painful to imagine myself without her. I wrote to her yesterday and we talked, I tried to get back with her, not even right away, i told her I can wait for the feelings to grow back again but she told me that she doesnt see any possibility. I wasnt ready back then to give up on my life in my city as i started work some time before that and because of my cowardness and inability to decide we broke up. Its the one and only regret in my life and i feel like its gonna haunt me for the rest of it because i feel like she was the one i was supposed to meet in my life, I tried talking to her about it yesterday and really poured everything into sharing my feelings but it just seemed like she couldnt even think about it. I know the world doesnt end on one relationship but what if this one was the one that was supposed to last for life, I told her that im ready to start over, I can even move to her city right away just to be for her and be of support but She said there’s no feelings on her side anymore. I know i should just give up since she doesnt seem interested but its just so damn hard to give up on the one person that i really ever loved, she was the one that showed me that im capable of feeling and I already said goodbye but I cant stop thinking about it. What is the meaning of this life if the one true love of my life was there and i cant pursue it.

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I remembered this phrase by my personal astrologer.You are theirs but they arent yours.Which mean,idk if I will still be alone this lifetime.hahaha Its a joke when our fate are always twisted when we just want something to be permanent so hard.But then I knew,either Im alone or not,It doesnt matter.But each time,I got a feeling.Why am I alone when there is thousand of ppl at this world.So,I said to myself,maybe I just still didnt meet my true friends and the truly one for me.But still,maybe I ll end up alone again…hahaha They always say,I will stay and we will be together forever.Then,they leave.again and.again and again.I truly think myself as a puppet in this life.Fate is truly a jokes.So,thats why,I just let what comes will.comes,and who will stay,just stay.and just leave when they want to.Bcz I knew,the one person who will stay by my side till the end is my truly one.So,keep going!Maybe you just still didnt meet your true one now.Just focus on yourself more and you guys will encounter each other at the right time.

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