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Hey! The biggest problem I have in my life is I’m unable to share my feelings. Everyone in my life comes and share everything they feel to me but when it is my turn I can’t,I feel I’m burdening someone with my problems plus as such there is no one in my life who will even understand. It’s been so many years , I feel so burdened, my limit is exhausted.

Post anonymously?

Well you are here, tried to tell us. It was a good progress.


Lucifer fan?




You know very few ppl on the face of earth are sensitive,emotional and empathetic.
It is not your problem that you cannot share your feelings
It is actually problem of others that they cannot understand your feelings…

Let me congratulate you first.
You know you are one among those rare ppl who can understand others
N that is why ppl share their feelings with you
So pls be proud of that…
N keep it up.

Generally ppl donot have time to listen
N even if they take out time to listen
They fail to understand…

Because ultimately eachone of us is unique
We all have unique life n circumstances n situations

Eachone has their own problems…

Eachone has their own views n perceptions

Forget others
Even twins donot think ALIKE…

I Know sometimes it becomes too difficult to carry the burden of our feelings.
Heart seems heavy
N we want to just get rid of it…

But dear one
Not everyone is that lucky to have someone like you in their life
With whom they can share their feelings without fear of being judged or bullied…

If you feel others cannot understand your feelings
Just write it out somewhere
Just talk to self
Talk to god
Some ppl vent out feelings by talking to pets

Do whatever but take out those feelings
Never bottle them…

May u find that someone in your life with whom you will be able to share your feelings comfortably.
God bless u friend
Stay as strong as you are…
May all your desires come true…
Take care of urself
Good luck
More power,strength n light to you.


I so needed this! Thankyou very much