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So You know my crush? So me and her and are kinda really close friends-
So there’s this guy let’s call him “D” Don’t ask me what the D stands for-
So he has been calling me and my crush names, I won’t say what because it’s in my native language and even if i say what he said you (who’s reading this) prolly won’t understand it. He’s been saying we stick together a lot, and He’s just been insulting us for no reason.

Example: If someone in the group chat is arguing and my crush puts a GIF of “stop” then he’ll say “tell your best friend”. If I put the GIF he’ll tell me to tell her to stop. And obviously when either of us put the GIF in the group chat we’re saying it to everyone involved so why does he have to specifically point out me or her.

For every situation it’s like this.

And apparently what my “friends” have “noticed” is that whenever I say I’m coming down to play and my crush has already said she won’t come. She changes my answer If I say I’m coming or visa versa. So I said even if she does… what’s so wrong in that??

And then the guy says it’s wrong.

I kept on trying to ask “D” what is his problem but noOoOOoO he’ll just ignore my message and put random shit everywhere and for god sake it’s been two days from my birthday like give it a rest!

So since he won’t tell me what exactly is wrong can any of you tell me why he might be putting down me and my crush just cause we’re close like it makes absolute no sense!
Or tell me if I’m wrong in any way… this is practically bullying.

Post anonymously?

Yes, that is bullying. Honestly, I think the “D” should stand for d*ck. Sorry for the language, but this guy sounds nasty. The way I see it he could be acting like this because: 1) he likes one of you. With that being said, it DOES NOT excuse his behaviour, he’s still a bully it’s just a possible motive. Again, still a bully, but a jealous bully, 2) he thinks you’re together, and if you’re a girl, he’s being homophobic. All levels of nasty going on there, 3) he’s doing the stereotypical puts others down to feel better or 4) he’s very stupid and doesn’t know that he’s doing something wrong. None of these reasons means he’s allowed to act this way, because he’s not and it’s wrong. As for the name calling, just go to a teacher, and tell them what’s going on. Ask them to talk to him, but ask them not to say you told on the guy, because everyone knows being a snitch does down terribly, especially when you’re a kid. I really hope this helps! If you wanna talk more I’ll be here.


That’s exactly what the “D” stands for lol (it also stand for the initial of his name- but d*ck suits much better)
1) I don’t think he likes me cause his friend used to like me and I liked his friend back but now that’s in the past
2) I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m straight and in my age and in my friend group/in my area we don’t really speak openly about homosexual relationships
3) It could be that he’s homophobic but again he prolly thinks I’m straight
4) I think 4 is prolly it lol-
Also I can’t tell any teacher cause this person lives in the same area and all the people I mentioned we live near each other which is why we know each other but thanks for understanding.

We argued over text for some time and it got a little messy but then he apologized but I don’t think he apologized cause he meant it he was probably just trying to stop the argument. Sometimes I just wanna sing the lyrics of Alamo by Alec Benjamin to him-
But yeah after he “apologized” I told him to not mess with people I ove or care about.

Fair enough. I’m proud of you for handling it so well. There is a cheeking thing I do sometimes; I’m learning Spanish, a language few people speak in my area, and no on speaks at my school, and sometimes when I’m mad at someone I sing the song “Mala Gente” by Juanes around them. It’s mean but they don’t know. No one gets hurt and I feel better! 🤣😂
I wish you plenty of good luck when it comes to dealing with this guy!


LOL- I’ll check out the song lyrics and the translations.

And thanks hopefully he doesn’t do anything now… cause we have put rules in the description of our group chat that no arguing is allowed

nice. I hope it goes well!!


This is so wrong, it is like he is creating problems with you for no reason. A friend of mine went through the same thing and called the person out for this problem on the group chat. I believe you should talk with your crush about the situation and like reassure her. Also with the guy you should call him or if he does not respond, leave him a text depiciting what you have to say, i guess he will reply then


Ohk, Will do so! Thank you so much <3


Anytime dear! I hope it goes well!