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Hey Reader,
So there was a girl with whom I used to talk a lot. We used to play games with each other shares memes daily. I have the same taste so during lockdown we used to listen our favorite songs with each other on discord. The sense of understanding we have built by talking to each and knowing each. At one moment I felt she’s the one girl I haven’t her about my feelings for a long time but I felt I can’t afford to lose her so I confessed about my feelings and told her everything which I feel about her but she denied and we can be friends. I apologized her because I was afraid to lose her even as a friend. She said we’ll be friends don’t worry and after few days she started ignoring me and now she talk to me anymore.
Moreover she don’t respond to anything.
Did I done something wrong?

If you read this till now I am grateful to you for reading my story :)

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You did not do anything wrong. Its just that she might have felt a little uncomfortable that you have confessed your feelings. It’s completely fine though. You also have to understand and respect her perspective and feelings.


Thanks for reading!
Back then I thought she loves me too. I respected her decision I haven’t forced her to it but feel to lose a friend like her.


I can completely understand but there’s nothing much you can do about it man so just go with the flow and also if someone doesn’t wanna be your friend, you can’t just force it noh. Leave it. You will have plenty of other friends and girls. Chill.


Yes I got your point. Thank you so much for reading my story and responding to it.
Here sending you a big virtual hug :)


I think you were brave to confess your feelings. I respect those willing to risk being vulnerable. Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want, but it is not that big a deal so I think you will be more confident the next time you find a suitable potential partner. Thanks for sharing!


Yeah, I have no regret of sharing my feelings at least I tried right :)
Thank you so much for this reply It made me so happy that someone understood me.

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