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Hey men
What are your thoughts on small breasts…kindly be honest…i heard men laughing on a women’s small breast and saw alot if memes as well


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You now I just saw a video where in the person was telling about why we worry…
Leme tell you about it in short…

See if you have some problem and there’s a solution for it then there’s no need to worry…
And if you have no solution to the problem then why to worry…because its not even in our hand…

So, 1st of all stop worrying…
and secondly its not even a real problem that you are talking about…you know my nose is tilted a bit 😂 and Even in the name of jaw line all I have in egg shape face🤣 so if I start worrying…that I’m not perfect and all then its just useless thats it…

Noone is having perfect body there’s some flaws there’s something good in us and even bad…

And when it comes abt Bs then all Bs are good🤣, some men might prioritize having big one but its not all…even if it is then you should find someone who can accept you as you are… 🤗🤗🤗

Stay healthy, Be happy🤗🤗


Thanks for writing this …and everyone is beautiful in their own way


Correct and so you are…🤗


Tbh, yes, they make fun… People make fun big boobs as well… So who cares, ur beautiful as ur…

Good day!!!


Yeah…i knw some men are very specific about sizes…its reality no matter how beautiful person is wrong ppl always see their flaws


Yes… Ur absolutely right.

Who is anyone to judge someone based on body parts. People just stoop to the lowest and do things…

You should ignore everything and chill 🙂

Hey friend
Its yash this side
First of all you are thinking in a wrong way As a men in my case I never judge a person on any basis neither the most of men only people with small thinking think this way and meme pages can do anything to grab people attraction even it harms other people
And another thing
Practice self love Accept the way you are accept your own body when you accept yourself the way you are you will eventually find a person who loves you not your body
Be happy, Spread positivity