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hey…I’m new…well I just just 14 last Nov. 28…I just want to let out something…My mother died 5 yrs ago because of breast cancer and it hit me pretty hard and I am for sure I am not myself anymore, I lost myself when my mother died. My family blame me for her death just because of my attitude I was only on 2nd grade of elementary when it happen. At a young age I started to cut myself and blame myself nonstop. I attempted suicide twice, I cried myself to sleep. I bottle up my struggles and problems. My family and friend always see me smiling brightly. They really never bother asking me if I was okay or not. I am always there for everyone when they needed me, but when it comes to me no one is there for me. But I rather keep it with myself. I really don’t trust anyone right now…

If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please please please take 10 deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are a few of the many resources available
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M sorry for your lost… I know how it feels when u lose sumone close to your heart…but u know u crying over the people who blame uh for sumthng u didn’t do have to be change…let them say whatever they want…u don’t have to care…if you’ll keep quiet then they’ll do it more untill u get to the breaking point of your life…so no you have to heal urself tell them on their face TO GET LOST,ignore them,don’t let them get to you…

Sorry for your loss. It is hard but she is smiling from the sky and wishing all the happiness for you and wants you to be as strong as she was.
You are not to be blamed. Death isn’t in our hands or we can actually bring back someone. We can only pray and try out best to do something which is in our hand.

I suggest you meet a therapist for your self-harm behavior as it isn’t good for you and if you build this up at the age of 14, as you mature you would like to do some pretty intense destructive things. So, before that seek help as we seek when we get a fever! Just let out everything. Try not to harm yourself rather be frank or take out frustration on a piece of paper and crumble it and throw it.

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