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Hey , I wanted to share something which I am really troubling to deal with , so I was doing something which was wrong and I thought it was right and now that I have understood it I feel so stupid and dumb( it’s not something emotional or anything its work related) but it’s really making me feel like trash and I need help to deal with it

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Turtle @turtle09

“Either we win or we learn” - MS Dhoni . Hope you dont loose your job for that but if it a silly mistake you might have learnt something right ?!


Well the risks you regret the most in the end are the one’s you didn’t take than the one’s you did. I guess the problem is you found out you are less practical, but I don’t see it as problem. Stay emotional, and for big decision, just think it through 2-3 times


Don’t you worry! Since now you know you were doing wrong amd you have changed, it well definitely lead you to a better path
Keep hope😀

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