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I really like this guy but most probably he’ll be going to country A for his university and I’ll be going to Country B for my university.
Should I still talk to him, but if I talk, the more I fall for him.
If I know that our future isn’t together, should I still talk to him?


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Yeah… you should talk to him!
The future is unprecedented and who knows what happens and fate brings you both together… Even though it doesn’t you should do what makes you happy and I feel if you detach yourself from that you’ll feel really downcast about the situation and end up being stressed out… I had a close friend with the same situation and is currently he is still pursuing so there’s HOPE 💫
Besides if you did so it would really hurt the other guy (speaking from a guy’s perspective) Peace ✌️


Hope your doin good… just go with the flow dear, let the life suprise you. I suggest speaking to him, but dont expect anything just go with the flow, as of in my case, I am a Hindu and she is a Muslim totally opp in our cases, and I was from India and herself from Saudi 1200 miles apart, I never thought of a relationship with her, because of the odss, eventually we used to just speak to each other all time and we are in a relationship, and fortunately our families accept us both…, once I complete my graduation I plan of marrying her, but yes i am not so much into future and all expectations, I know life gives us twists and suprises, so i hope suprises are on my way!!! So all the best for the future life dear… ✨❤ life’s gotta be awesome… enjoy life


Thank you for giving me hope 💗