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Hey. I don’t really wanna bother anyone and please answer at your own free will. If my question affected your mental peace then I’m really sorry beforehand.
The thing is,I love my significant other a lot. And I’m really young to think like this, but I feel I might lose him, because of the stress in my studies and everything. We’ll also be doing ldr perhaps from next year, and all this makes me afraid that I might lose someone like him. Even as a friend, he is great. He comforts me a lot when I’m going through things and never judges me. But I really feel that we might grow distant due to various issues and eventually break up. And I don’t want that. I’ve talked about it to him and he’s been really great and told me not to worry about those things. We’ll see as they come. But these thoughts keep bugging me. I’m scared that I might lose bcz of my faults and he’s the only one I open up to the most.
It might seem a very trivial issue but if you’ve read till this end then I thank you for giving me your valuable time. A short reply with suggestions will always be encouraged. Thank you so much beforehand 💞


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there are few things that you can’t control in life. and you never know who is permanent or temporary in your life. So just handle one day at a time. Communication is the key.
Some people separate after 10 years of marriage.
Some get married in 2 months of relationship. Don’t stress over such things. You will get whatever is decided for you. Just trust the process.
Dill ki suno, dimaag raasta nikal he lega


Thank you. This was suxh a pleasant reply❤️


I have something similar. Don’t apologise and thank. We all help or seek help on our own will here. I read keenly. Also, It’s a good thing that the guy understands but have a much clear conversation. I mean Ldr isn’t easy. It is very smooth if thats what both of you want. Be transperant. Ask him to communicate and share his views. Trust me it will help. All the very best to you guys. I hope this bond never breaks.


I’m so happy to hear that I’m not alone, thanks for being there❤️


Anytime. And don’t be scared. Just have faith and if hes really how you mentioned him. You’ll not loose him whatso ever.

You met a person
And you think there will be no-one like him again which is actually true…but don’t be afraid of losing him… don’t think how can i live without him… Because the very moment you think these things like he makes my life better etc and etc… that time you start losing yourself , you dont see yourself without him…and let me tell you no matter who is with you now and later…you will be with you till the end… so don’t forget yourself…and as you ask for suggestion so i would suggest live the moment with him but dont get lost into it…thats it .


Thank you. It was really good to hear. I’ll keep this in mind❤️