Hey, i don’t know what’s happeneing, i feel confused…
Here, can you give me a solution…
I am 15 years, soon entering college…
Last year that is in 9th class i changed school…
My mother has a best frnd … Her daughter is studying in that school…
So on first day i went to school with that girl…
First, about myself, i am popular in last school as per my studies… As i joined my new school i became more and more popular because of my speech skills, stage skills and study skills… As about my character from my childhood to till now i have no friends, i was like i will do my work and go home, i don’t talk to anyone, i always be the first one to sleep in class etc…
I used to go to last bench and sleep there… Teachers won’t scold me because i am good with my academics … In new school, i became friends with teachers just in few days… But i can’t get used to students…
My mother used to push me to make new friends and a boyfriend…
I used to yell at my mom everyday…
But as we are studying 9th grade, i became close to her… Because my mom used to push me to go picnics with her… There are days when my mom used to ask her to stay at my home for few days… I used to act with her because if i don’t my mother will directly dig a hole…
But as we are reaching 10th we grew closer because i don’t the reason… I stopped acting…
I only used to be close with her at home… At school as i always be less talkative and sleep , i didn’t pay much attention…
And one day teacher changed our class places and told me to not sleep because other students complained about it…
They made me sit next to her in first bench…
Days passed as i don’t sleep anymore i used to listen to lessons and then sit Simply… Then we started talking… Slowly we started talking in school too…
She always used to ask me about sums, explanation for lessons etc…
One day, teachers are in a meeting for whole afternoon and all students went to play in ground and the school gate was closed…
But she and me remained in classrooms as i want to sleep and she wants to write notes…
I slept on bench…
She first catch my hand i thought it was okay… And she started touching my face with her fingers, she was gently running her fingers around my face… I didn’t say much…
After she was so close to me and i opened eyes… Soon i got attracted to her in that situation i didn’t say anything to her… She was taking her hand down my face to my neck… She started removing my first button but i stopped it and then i thought we are both girls…
I left that bench and slept on another one… After few minutes she came near me… As i opened my eyes she started keeping her face near me…
I left something… She went my back and caught my hip from back and i felt tangled… She removed my first button from back and started touching my neck with her lips… Soon we started touching each other but as she started removing my coat i felt uneasy and left the class.
She came behind me and told she love me very much… I started confusing…
I just told i don’t love you but just attracted to you…
Then she said i will make you mine over all the boys who love you…
I said you can’t because we are still children and love won’t work out with me… I will just enjoy my life and never be commited…
She told then enjoy with me…
I told no, we are not at correct age to do that…

From next day, i stopped contacting and talking to her, i also told my mother to not talk about her and my love life…

All ended but i still doubt if i like girls Or it’s just attraction…

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Shivay @shivay2595

You don’t have to think too much. Just let your heart decide for once. If you are attracted to her then it’s nothing wrong and you’ll never know if you never try. So stop. Worrying so much and talk to her. You can’t loose your friend. After so long you have made a friend and that too you are attracted to her. You find her presence calm and warming. You find peace with her.
And ig you are just scared that you are 15 only and you like girls. There’s nothing to be scared of. Love is the single most feeling you’ll find happyness with


Should i talk to her?
She is only imagining me in other way not as a frnd
I tried to explain her…
But she only touch me in diffrent way every time i go to her so i am not intersted in talking to her…
I have no problm in liking girls… What i thought is Is it really liking girls Or it’s just a phase?
You know i feel i like girls but not her…
I think she just want something related to body…
So i want to clear it

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Shivay @shivay2595

See she’s your age too. She’s liking you and showing her feelings towards you. Not everyone is so mature and can’t keep their emotions in check.
She’s confused too. Talk to her I can understand it’s going to be tough. Tell her politely that yoy don’t like her in that sense. And you are not ready for any relationship.
Or maybe just give it a try once if you feel like. In this are we all are growing and have many many emotions. We don’t understand what it right what is wrong , it’s just that hearts wants what the heart wants


Hmm. Ok yaar
Thank you

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Shivay @shivay2595

Arey isme thank you wali kya baat.
Always here to help.
You just keep on believing in yourself and loving yourself.
All the more power, love and peace to you ✨✨


Just yaar…
You are a good motivator
Happy life bro




You are sweet, bro
Always be happy

just a pause @justapause

You are just confusing about it.
You know that you are attracted to her, right?
You yourself told you don’t like frnds then why are you attracted only to her, buddy?
You know just let your feelings out.
She seems to love you… She is too your frnd right?
You and her will think nearly in same way right?
Just let misunderstandings clear and be happy, girl.
You are very cougrageous and mature buddy… Keep it up.
You should know about your emotions too, let them out instead of keeping them in


Thanks yaar…
I love you so much buddy…
I always appreciate you.
You know there is something deep in your posts.
You are giving me spirit. Thanks
I think you are too strong. Thanks yaar
Love you.
I have sent a request to you, just accept it yaar, you too should let your feelings out. Just share it as much as possible
Always there for you

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