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Hey.i am new here very first interaction.somehow I found this platform atleast to say what I actually feel .where nobody gonna judge me and no one going to give me statements about why I feel this and why it’s wrong and atleast I can share my actual feelings… already wear a happy mask daily…I hope this will help me… feeling not myself not only day it’s almost years now…and now it’s unbearable

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj

hey there! We are here for you and wont judge you. Why do you feel you cannot be like yourself right now?


The pain of continue lonliness.whenever I try to get attached they show me what’s the true color of life…and I always give more than other deserve and ended up here with lonliness and tears

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj

Hey, many of us have been through the same thing. I guess the solution lies in creating healthy boundaries!

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Riddhi @heartinneverland

I can completely understand you
But here we are to listen and help

Pour your heart out
If it’s not easy
Take baby steps

Once you will start finding right guidance
Start trusting people over here
You will be good to go buddy ❤️

But don’t feel lonely.
Remember physical appearance is not everything, someone who is emotionally, mentally there with you is biggest thing.

And i hope you will find someone here who will be a helping hand to you 🦋

More powers to you 🤗


It’s not that much easy…I keep my self in shell… although m most bright one among all colleagues or friends or whatever but they all know my happy face jokes and my mask which I daily wear…but deep inside m.totaly broken.i just can’t describe why I lost that little girl in me over some years…now just a person with job daily routine that’s it and a cage of my emotions

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Riddhi @heartinneverland

Its okay sweety
We are here
I know it’s not that easy, but give a try.
Don’t be afraid of anything
Keep on trying.

You don’t have to stop yourself from being a that lil girl again.
Have fun ❤️

Meet new people
Explore things

Your own company is enough darling, don’t rely on anyone.
You’re responsible for your own happiness 🦋

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Simran @st1199

Yea yea, you can share anything and we’ll be your listening ear without giving opinions or suggestions if that’s what you want. 😀

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