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Hey guys,
I was in a relationship for 1.5 years and then two months ago we broke up because he said he wanted to “find himself”.
I was shattered but it only took me 2 months to pick up myself and move. After I broke up with that guy, I started talking to a lot of guys just to distract myself.
All of the talking was casual and nothing more, at all.
Until I started talking to this guy and I fell for him.
I was extremely happy and my friends were happy too that I had someone good in my life but I started to think “what if I moved on too soon?”. I deeply loved my ex, today too he’ll always a soft corner but I was ready to throw that in my past and leave it there.
The new guy was AMAZING, can emphasise the amazing. He’s a complete nerd, and I never though nerds would be my type but he sure is. He’s the type of person who can make you feel as if everything will work out. I realllyyyyyy like him and obviously, I’d want to date him or take things to the next level but I can’t. He’s charming in ways I can’t even describe. My friends said this “the honeymoon phase” but honestly I haven’t looked at a guy more objectively than this.
Unfortunately, we’ll have to part ways soon because we’ll be going to different countries soon and we don’t want to do long distance.

Conclusion: Everything taught me that there are “good” guys who’re there out somewhere, we just need to look for them and cautiously watch out for the toxic guys.
And even though things won’t have an ending that I want, I will be grateful for having someone like him in my life who taught me that with bad things, good things do come.

Thank you for reading.
Love y’all 💗💗💗💗

Post anonymously?

Thank I for sharing this part of u I felt really good reading it and love ur optimistic approach no matter the problems u faced kudos to u and all the best in all your endeavours 💖


perfect :)
happy for you


heyyyy… thankyou so much for sharing your story with such optimistic view.


You are such a positive person… Spreading positive vibes on such a positive mornin… You are a sunflower… 🌻🌻🌻… And thank you for opening up…