Hey everyone! Just joined in here. Hope to make new genuine friends on this journey and meet a better, positive and stable version of myself! :)

So to start the conversation, I’ll start by-
Im 21! Im in second year, pursuing mbbs. I love listening to music(bollywood mainly) and maybe love singing a lil bit too! And Im a very emotional and sensitive person and a hopeless romantic (grown up watching srk movies,duhhh!) I like imagining things in my head which are never gonna happen to me😂 Nevertheless, huge srk fan! Love watching romcoms, drama and comedy. Pretty old school basically.

Now you all start describing yourself in the comments below! Maybe we can be friends :)

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Anonymous @nik0509

Hey how’s your day?


Hey! My day has been pretty unproductive tbh😣 but Im loving the energy here so maybe partially productive (;

Jayesh @jayeshb20 kiran


Hahaha…Im more of an Anjali or simran🤭

Jayesh @jayeshb20

Let’s go than I didn’t watch romantic movies


I saw hopeless romantic and couldn’t stop myself to reply.
Are you into k-drama?
M also a hopeless romantic, growing up I used to watch tons of Disney princess movies. And also love watching series and movies.


Hey! I’ve been wanting to watch korean films for the longest time…maybe you can suggest me some to start with? I’d love to watch❤️

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