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Hey everyone ,I am 16 and I used to have a best friend ,we used to chat all the day ,we shared everything,I knew her from 4 years ,we were same school and same bench ,we thought noone could seperate us ,she was only one I had ,to talk with and I love her so much as a best friend,but unfortunately her parents forcibly made her to join another college ,we were fine because we live in same area and we can still meet after college and even online but then her parents made her to go hostel and she had no option but to go
It’s been 5 days ,I feel so lonely ,my mom’s works all the day ,my brother sleeps all the day cause he work night shift and I don’t have a father he recently died, all I have is her and God must be really heartless ,when I see my whatsup I feel so disgusting because there were no messages ,noone to talk with me ,even I play online games we do play together ,now I am all alone ,I feel so empty ,so I am Searching online friends here and there to make myself and them better
So all I need is someone to talk to me ,anyone ,you can boy or girl ,Indian or foreigner or anyone ,so someone please talk to me,let me be your friend ,sister ,best friend, any relationship is just fine please reply me anyone I can give you my number or I’d ,if you treat me right I can give you everything 😔😔😞

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Hey! Calm down! You are just stressing out. The distance between you and your friend has started talking.
1. You have started experiencing life. People will come and leave. You have to decide how to cope up with such situations. Learn how to cherish the bonds in each and every situation.
2. Start doing household chores. Your mom is working and your brother is too. They must be very tired at the end of the day. Help them to relax. Make snacks for them. Start taking the responsibilities of the house and you will automatically start feeling better!
3. Distance has its own importance in any kind of relation. It teaches you to respect. It tells you about the other person. Stay disconnected during the weekdays. Gather topics/news to talk about. Connect with her on weekend, probably ask her for a good amount of time and start sharing with her. She will feel proud when she will hear about the progress you are making. Likewise, give her some space, she needs to settle in a new space!
4. You will also have to focus on your studies. The second half of the academic year has already been started. Finals exams are on the way, start preparing! I want to hear about a good report card :P
5. Things are getting expensive. Start saving. Help your house in every possible way. Be an efficient person. Talk to your family. Things will start aligning. Good luck ^.^


I am so lazy person🥺👉👈 ,well it’ okay thanks for the reply ,I will try my best 🖤


You yourself have given the root cause :)

Hey i know you feeling very much lonely look it is okay and it happens with everyone but look don’t make rush to make friends or any kind relation look you wanted to talk we are here and I think you need a guide or a mentor so stay firm and stay okay and you can talk here anytime



And don’t worry you can talk anytime don’t be sad we r here

Hey! Don’t be so low Life is like that everyone has to pass through this difficult phase.This is my ig @anmol_singh_s09 if you want to talk dm me anytime and i think i also need a female friend to talk to and share my feelings bcoz i too don’t have many friends left in my life they are either busy or they are not interested in my life.




Chill dude don’t be so sad that you are unable to meet your best friend! There are ups and downs in life so u gotta handle them , probably instead of thinking about it and stressing find a solution, call her text her or meet her at weekends
That’s my ig Mohammed_jved u can talk to me about anything anytime whenever u feel low, lonely