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Hey does anyone knows how to know whether you love someone or not?
I have a boyfriend who loves me a lot. Although it’s a new relationship but he is in love with me for the past 5 years. And I like him a lot… I don’t know if I love him. I really want to know, how do I recognise this feeling?

Post anonymously?

Love cant be recognised.
If you love him , you will know that when time passes.

For me love is not a single emotion its a combination of many emotions whether they are good or bad
When these emotioy emerge they formed love…that why it is cant described.
Jealousy, attachment, thinking about him, talk to him daily about everything, a bad day goes when tou talk or heard his voice and many more.

If you like him for any particular reason beleive me… its not love,
When the reason fade, your love too.

If there is not a single reason why you fell for him or like him, when he is not around how you feel? When he is ignoring you how u feel? When he is flirting with someone, how u feel?
Many things can be in notes why u like him.
But its you who can find out because love is diff for all of us, feeling is same but definition is diff


Tell me more tho, you sound so familiar with it. Can I still feel in love if the other person doesn’t love me as much?


Of course, you can be in love with that someone if he dsnt love you back or dsnt love hard enough like you do. Love dsnt happen on condition if other person loves you back, it just happen, without knowing without telling , dont know from where it came from and Oops you fell, after that butterflies in your stomach, every morning is like wow, everyshit feel so good as you cant express, Sounds romantic huh . I know it is.
But you know beleive me, if the other person dsnt love you back or same as you ,it can be painful or harsh reality to accept. It also depends on how hard your love is, how attach you are,
Are you start imaging him in your thoughts yet ?
You want to talk to him full day about anything , you want to make him happy , you smile whenever his msg flash, a normal good mrng text literally make your morning good.
You want to fight with him, want to hear a song from his voice whether its shit but yups you will like it, thag the beauty of love , but thesw feelings are from only by your side , only you can feel them
That song, that mrng text, that fight, that late night chat ,that meeting, that calls ,that video calls, that you r so damn spcl letters, that days you spend together that every thing you guys done , is normal for him .he sends every one that mrng text , he chat with everyone ,he spend times with every for him its not spcl. And that hurts, it can unbearable sometimes , you are expressing your feelings to him nd he didn’t understand, that hurts.
Kabhi ae dill hai mushkil dekhi hai usme ek scene hai when ranbir kapoor holds a flower pot and smashing on his chest and say “AISA FEEL HOTA HAI, ITNA DARD HO RAHA HAI, ITNA DARD” beleive me one side love can give you that pain that you cant express by doing anything and no one can’t understand. Also i wrote earlier it depends on the feeling the attachment you have .
But yups am very grateful that i experienced that level of love , that i know i can love someone to that extent to infinity, that i able to feel that divine thing.
Sorry shyd zyada lmba ho gya…

Look you will know it but still it take time maybe 6 months or more look when we love someone than we know about their strength and weakness we know about their behaviour their thinking there way to tackle things and how they react on some particular situation so when you know about these things and still you choose him and wanted to stay with him then you surely love him so long process but still awesome

That’s such a question which can have so many different angles.

Umm, I think, if you have to spend time with him as much as possible and do a little introspection too. I really can think of one answer for it. But it’s a journey, a beautiful one. You’ll know! 🌈🌻❤️❤️


I’m lucky enough to know what feels like and when you love someone. You just look at them and you feel so happy. The love of my life could make the worst day into an amazing day just by him simply existing beside me. I feel simply really lucky even when he’s sad, I feel his insides. People do say I’m exaggerating, but if anyone’s felt this way before… you’re so lucky!! anyways, love is amazing…Tbh, i’ve had doubts too but time will totally tell.