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Hey, could anyone give me some advice on how to enjoy being alone? I just feel like I am always thinking about how no one likes me. It also seems that I can’t get a certain person out of my mind when they don’t have feelings for me anymore…


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love yourself❤️ to talk yourself a lot, do more activities with yourself, make yourself happy and smile. and u will enjoy being alone 🤍


Get a hobby and work on it
Go to a restaurant alone first time it will disturbs you but then np
Watch a movie alone
Do things alone talk wd yourself
Read. Reading will definitely help you
Music. Listen to music
Hike mountains if possible do some workout it builds your confidence on another level


If no-one likes you why don’t you like yourself.even if there is noone beside us there will be one person inside us .so you are never alone.to enjoy the loneliness you just make a habit not to feel lonely


I know everyone one will say love yourself. Spend time with yourself.
But how??? Alone rhena is sucks
Dammm I dont even travel alone I feel like crying if I do travel alone
Why we are like this!