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Hey all…I hope you people can help me out with this. My situation is… I m happily engaged to my dream man whom I love sincerely, he is the right person and we are deeply connected to each other. We are planing for marriage after this pandemic subsides.
Inspite of being with such beautiful man, my mind gets distracted to his friend, who is my friend too…the common friend. Before engagement with my finacee, I was kind of interested and attracted to his friend and we had casual flirty conversations. His friend and me wer both attracted physically to each other ( no sexual fling) but there was this sexual chemistry. But I was very clear that I cudnt make a life with him as we were very different and had no mental level connection.
But still…I proposed him one day, he said he was not sure…and then I backed off…and within a week his frnd ( my fiancee) brought the alliance and I was elated to knw him coz he was always the man I ever wanted. And when his frnd saw that I am moving forward, he proposed me back, and I rejected coz I liked my fiancee like hell.

Could anyone explain what is my situation…why my mind gets distracted from my fiancee? One thing to mention is that his frnd whom I had a lil flirt sessions is very handsome witty and charismatic, but he is not the man I ever wanted to marry. So why is my mind giving energy to him when I have my beautiful man with me?
Help me guys


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We are naturally attractive towards someone else whom we don’t love in relationship… and it is common it happens… but tell you future husband about it be honest and also understand do you really love your future husband or not
Also feeling attractive towards someone is okay… it happens now let him go if you don’t see future with him… in your life lot’s of people will come that want you… for little bit timebut focus on who want to stay with you forever and respect you understand you and care about you


Hey thanks dear… my future husband knows about it. And I am glad to hear that its natural. Thank you.😊



God bless you both


You and your friend are both acting out of fear of missing out once you are engaged to your fiancé.

You should stick to your fiancé because choosing a person with physical qualities over mental bonding is somewhat silly.

Stick to your fiancé you won’t regret.


Wow…that was enlightening