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Help me!! I hate everything n everyone in my life rgt nw n more than that I hate myself fr that. I just want to have a normal life is it too much to ask for. why can’t god give me atleast a simple normal life. My father is an alcoholic n I m so scared that one day he will leave me fr ever… my heart hurts while writing this but I m so scared. Pls help me! I dont wanna die I m just 19 I haven’t seen anything. But everyday its just too much I can’t sleep at night bcoz of these scary nightmares that I get. I m afraid to be alone, to sleep n do anything. everything is just too disturbing fr me. I get irritated so easily n wanna lash out at ppl fr no reason. I know this is nt me but don know why  this keeps on happening. Help me pls! I dont want my family to know this. They are already having a tough tym I don’t wanna be burden on them.

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Dear one,
Pls relax
Stay calm…
You are overthinking
Thinking alot
Pls stop doing that …
Focus on your present
Focus on today my dear friend.
You are focusing too much on future
As it is whatever is destined to happen will happen…
You dnt have any control over it
So what is the point in taking so much stress
Your stress your fears will trouble you.
It will do no good…
It is natural to be fearful
But then being fearful will not help in anyway
No use of that dear…

So pls just GO WITH FLOW

Dear try to absorb your mind
Do anything that give you happiness n peace
Focus on urself
Focus on ur studies
Make ur career
Make your life…

You are hating everyone n everything
Because you are looking at negative side of everything n everyone
Your life maybe bad
But it is certainly not worst
Pls start counting ur blessings
Try to look at positive side…

N remember only u can help urself
N i am very sure you will do it
Because you are stronger than you know …
Life is very precious…
Dnt give up
Dnt let ur hope fade…
God bless you
More power,strength n light to you…
Take care …

I am sorry for what you are going through. I know the feeling of how it scares the shit out of you and let’s not let out of your head.

Do you think, you need professional help to get out of this? Or the scar which will have a long impact on your life, it should be talked to someone?
I also had nightmares, various ones but as I accepted them and let myself fight back that it is okay and it will go away, it stopped. I also kept steel ki koi cheez under my bed (it’s said it makes your sleep peaceful, not necessary it does/doesn’t help).
Maybe you also try this or let your fear come out and tackle it with them and talk to yourself about it. 💙