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Hello. Why do people who love us hurt us? i carry so much hurt by my family of origin, my dadi who claims to love me the most…i almost don’t know what to do.
It sucks here in isloation and i don’t know how long will this motivation last.

My mom video called me, asked me to forgive them and come back to their house when i live in a pg… aise thode hota hai?

What guarantee do i have they will not abuse or be toxic again?
i feel uncertain, lost, lonely and wondering.
i don’t know the defination of 'love;/‘family’ or ‘home’… but just being. Just floating. Just sailing.
i hope i’m not alone…the meaning of love has changed,i have to teach myself that…it’s strenous but just peeking out to hope.

I told mom i will go after 2-3 months…i need time.


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