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Hello to who ever is reading this

Not so long ago I realized that the friends that I had weren’t really my friends they put so much pressure on me and even laugh at me when I did something wrong they would leave me when I was at my worst

So… this year I am going to try to meet new people
I don’t know who I am going to encounter but I hope it good people

And for those that are in a bad relationship please stop it as soon as possible I know its hard but its for the better😊

Post anonymously?

Thank you for spreading your optimistic thoughts with everyone! Realising that some people might not be good for you takes a while, and sometimes we are attracted to the ones who don’t deserve us at all. I hope that you can find yourself some better friends, who genuinely care about you and realise what kind of a good person you are.

Remember this “ If the sun would always shine, the world would’ve been
a desert. Rain and snow is also needed, for example : for flowers to bloom” You as well, bloom! I hope that the rain stops pouring soon for you and that you will have some sunlight in your life as well. I care about you, you are amazing.


Thank you so much for writing this…
Yes we must NEVER permit anyone to take us for GRANTED.
Our emotions,time n energy should be invested only on those who value it…
Attimes it is better to be Alone than to feel Alone Amid Friends…

You are very sorted person
N you have taken a very incredible decision
So proud of you n your attitude
Keep it up

Wishing you the very best…
May the right ppl come in ur life…
May you get all the love,warmth,affection,care u deserve…
God bless you …
Take care
Stay as strong as you are.
More power,strength n light to you.


I 100% support what you have done. Hat’s off to you for kicking out people who do not really care about you. It is so important to be friends with people who love and respect you and have friends that would be there for you!And yes, when the wrong friends exit, that is what creates space for the real ones!!

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