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Hello… it’s my first time asking for help or attention online… I will give it a try, hoping this will help me.
Me and my husband got married very young, I was 20 he was 19, after 2 years of long distance relationship, it was the easiest way to move to his country and get married, he proposed …I was happy, we were both happy… after 2 years of living as a married couple, we started having some problems, I think it is natural that he wanted to be young wild and free, when we met he was very closed, i like introverted people but I tried to help him, we were going to the gym together, training, he became a looot more confident , the more confidence he was gaining, the more he didn’t need me anymore. atleast that’s how I feel. I left everything, learned perfectly new language, started working there, finished college, had my own life already , he went to another college , economics, got new friends, started partying constantly, bringing friends home, in my country we are hosting our guests very nicely, aspecially out husband guests. i was respectful, he started thinking i am forcefully involving myself into his life… friends … that i am jealous… He wasnt training anymore… or taking care of his health so I started worrying, i knew he is interested what would his life be without me… 1 week ago i came to my country to “take a break”, as he called it, next day after i came I found out from our friends he calls himself “single men” , I texted him dissapointed and mad he broke up with me that day… now he doesnt even devorce me ,… we are just as we are… not talking. nothing… I am dead inside, I’m jealous , nervous, all the negative emotions. I don’t remember any bad, only good, and I miss him . really tried to be a best wife, girlfriend… women… but he just replaced me… with temporary fun.

thank you if you made it till the end… thank you.


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Honestly, your are a phenomenal woman, and I say it with all my heart. I mean, it’s really not easy to be so selfless and invest so much time and effort in a person and love someone so dearly.
As I read your post, my heart really goes out to you but let me just remind you that you deserve so much better and so much love and respect. Don’t forget your own self as most of us often do. I really hope that you be happy and you get someone who appreciates you of how amazing you are as you really deserve it.
Just a little advice, you can’t keep anyone happy if you don’t feed your own soul.
Lots of love and strength to you🌻🌼🌈


thank you my dear , I appriciate it !


You sound like an amazing friend, girlfriend, women, everything. You are so healthy and good for people! It’s his loss, dont beg him, dont want that scumbag back. If he wants to be runnning wild let him, its your turn to run wild too! have fun and make a life for yourself without him :)


thank you for your support, it means a lot to me…

Hey. Sorry to hear about what happened to you.
I understand how you feel right now but I can only suggest you to stay stronger and be there for yourself.
That man is not coming back, the way he treats you is unacceptable.
May be you could go in a legal path and win your case. Sure get divorced if you want it. Fight for it.
My therapist once told me that “ May be two best people are not best for each other”.
Cherish the other people in your life who are understanding and caring for you in this situation.

If you are finding it hard to forget him. Do give therapy a try. Or you could absolutely vent it out here.

It is your life. You get to choose what you want ,what is good for you and not.

Young love is a beautiful thing but might not always go as planned.

There is so much change in our perspectives from the adolescent age(13-19) to our 30s .

We learn so many things during this time. Accept what happened and move on. You deserve the best.

We create an imaginary future with the significant others in life . But when they leave all our future seems unpredictable and chaotic.You could try focusing on building yourself up.

Be a boss lady and a main character in your life’s story.
You got this✌🏼👍
Take care