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hello …
I wanted to share something
I see here many go anonymous and vent their emotions out
most of those anon posts are guys
they dont get any help such as girls do here mostly on Now and me
I have observed this since day one
nobody even bothers these poor men , so they go anonymous and since we are not able to recognize them, their gender , loads of people come and support them, leave helpful comments and talk with them in the comment section
I hope you really start supporting these men out there as much as u support and be there for females
they really are humans too and it really saddend me to see them go through this all the time
I m gonna hope you take this post in a positive way and help each and every perosn here without gender equality , looks, or how popular they are here
I hope all of us here receive the same amount of help and support with out any gender equality
I just really hope you will take this post in a positive way and start helping them who are always , always left ignored , unhelped,alone etc.
I wont loose hope
I’m sure you will help those left out, ignored people , genuinely too…


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Post anonymously?

Not only here bro, even in the outer world its easier for them…


At least someone can understand this thing
you know I’ve seen so many males having a huge mental breakdown our problems doesn’t even stand a chance to compare to what a female goes throughout her life ik a female tolerates hell lot of more than us but yeah with having more privilege , responsibilities comes too our problems are just too much it just break us into pieces 🙃 just saying a random statement and please don’t offend anyone reading this if I hurt anyone I’m sorry before hand


Yeahh handling demotivating comments and taunts and just keeping quiet listening to all the bullshit people say bout me has become too common for me