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Hello, I am having a very hard time, tomorrow will be one year since we lost our baby in NICU he was born extremely premature and passed away after a month. Also tomorrow turn 37 weeks pregnant that is considered a term pregnancy and is such a big milestone for us we are in two pieces we can’t be fully sad or fully happy 💙


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Hey, you have to let go of the past, I know it’s very difficult but if you want to enjoy your present then please let go of the past.

Congratulations 💖, and I am so happy for you, parenthood is a very beautiful experience and I pray you enjoy it to your fullest !! Enjoy this progress and be happy, so that baby inside you is also happy… Take care ❣️lots of love and all the best for your future ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Heyy…!! You are in such an important phase of life dear. Have positive thoughts…stay with your partner tomorrow. I know it must be hard but try to keep yourself and your partner happy and stay HOPEFULL 🌻. Everything best will happen further. May god gift you with a wonderful child. Sending lotssssss of love hugs and sunshine your way darling 💛


More strength to you . Just keep faith, all will be well.