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Hello Friends,

I’m going through a lot these days. I wasn’t me literally, Facing a lot of issues, I lost my dad, I and my mom only are there, I’m taking all responsibilities of my family. Feeling stressed. We are facing financial issues😭😭😭 I wanted to study for a master’s but I can’t afford to do it due to this situation. I don’t have anyone to share my feelings with. There is a lot to tell, But I couldn’t do that, Felt like dying day by day… don’t know what to do next…


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Relax calm down… Only thn ull be able to think n find a solution

Tc stay blessed


I could even think. Im not stable…😞


Unless u try to be confident bout urself nothing gonna work


You can talk it out I’m here to listen


Dear Renu, thankssssss😫😫 I have a lot more to confess. None can help me

Just sit and have Deep Breaths… RELAXX…


First of all I’m really sorry for your loss… It should really hard to handle and take up the responsibilities all of a sudden… But just think for a moment isn’t this what your dad needed?? Isn’t this why he made you complete your UG?? He wanted you to be successful and all his life time he worked in building you the best future possible and now it’s your time to OUTSHINE THE WORLD AND MAKE YOU DAD AND MOM PROUD!!

You can always learn it’s never too late… Apply for Masters and do it in correspondence. But before all of it get a job and take care of her because she needs you more than anything now!!

If you’re feeling low then go outside early in the morning spend time with the Nature and hear some good music and exercise a bit all these will Bring PEACE AND CALM TO YOU❤❤

Pour your heart out if you have no one to listen and don’t worry No one is a great listener of our worries than OUR OWNSELVES!!! Take out a paper and pen down all your emotions or stand infront of the mirror and convey all the deepest feelings It’ll help you Relax…

Hope you find answers for everything you’re searching❤❤ Have a great day… BEST OF LUCK💫


Thanks a lot, love. I got placed on campus, But due to covid the company hasn’t offered the job, Mean they haven’t sent any of the joining dates… That is where it all started to face this crisis. I don’t want any material help, I just want someone who can heal me in words, Because in NOWandMe we can’t meet people and talk in person. 😓