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Rohit Pal @rohit24

Hello everyone , what would say, there’s a person who was my best friend and the person I love never loved anyone in my life the way I loved her, both of us confessed that we love each other, but we decided not to start a relationship because of her family problems so we stayed as friends, after 3 months things got worst then she started ignoring me and i used to apologize even knowing that those are her fault and then last night we ended causing a huge fight I didn’t said sorry and that ended all.

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vrinda @vrinda887

if she is your best friend and u guys aren’t in a relationship yet so i suggest that you talk it out cause it’s better to talk it out rather to end it and come to conclusions you might regret later
so just call her and talk to her if she doesn’t give an answer that is feasible then u know what to do,
i’m that case it might be tough but all o can say is it’s your life it’s your rules and no one can mess with it
so just keep calm and talk, if things still don’t work out you can come here again :)

vrinda @vrinda887

sometimes people overthink to and start avoiding
maybe your best friend is going through that or she is facing some problem that she does not want to disclose to u because it might hurt you as well so it’s okay it happens. it’s only been three months so talk it out and if this is the case then give her time

Rohit Pal @rohit24

I tried I tried to talk to her but she blocked me from everywhere, I tried my best

vrinda @vrinda887

then you know what to do
it’s gonna be hard but that’s the only way left
you can’t lose your dignity right or do u wanna give one more shot

Rohit Pal @rohit24

I’m thinking that I’ll try one more time after somedays, thanks bro means alot


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