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Hello everyone, sometimes I become anxious. No anxiety attack or anything just became too anxious.
Every time I experience something new and unexpected it happens. And I don’t know how to resolve this. Please suggest some book Or any tips to overcome.

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Simran @st1199

So, if it is because of nervousness or the fear of getting something new or experiencing something new then it’s normal. It happens with everybody.
However, if it makes you irritated or gets angry the way you feel like that, try looking online for the underlying reason for it and the solutions to it. If this is a permanent thing it’s better to treat it. And if temporary then it’s okay.

I am not into books so can’t really suggest. There is one which is good for the mind and I have heard a lot about it. “The power of your Sub-conscious Mind”. It’s a book about how the sub-conscious controls everything and what it can do to our life. I have read it half so you can search it online too.


It’s because of fear of losing something. And maine wo books padha hu best book😍

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Simran @st1199

Then you need to deal with and accept things in life. Every time you will experience something new or go through something new and can’t ignore it.

Ik it’s a good book. 😃



Fatema @fatemasaify


I agree, The power of your Sub-conscious Mind is a good book, however I would suggest you to get specific about which situation in particular is causing you anxiety. This will help you to clear your head, just like detangling our hair!

Doing this simple activity would help you in dealing with new experiences:
1. Choose a recent situation that you think is causing you fear of experiencing something new. In this way you will get an opportunity to clear your head about others issues that you might be facing.

2. Next, draw a figure where you write about the thought that comes up in your mind when you think about the situation. Be as quick as possible, don’t give too much thought to it!

3. Try to differentiate between ‘physiological symptoms’ (for example, do you experience sweat, trembling?, etc), ‘emotions’ (for example, do you feel happy, sad, scared, anxious?) and ‘behaviour’ (what do you do in that situation (for example, ignore meeting that person)?.

If you find difficulty understanding this, I would be happy to help you further.


Ok I’ll


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