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Hello everyone…
So this is my first post.
Its been 2 years now since we broke up. Actually he got married to someone else. He is 4 years older than me. I was in college in last year of my course when he got married. It was a 2 year on/off relationship.
It was like hell for me back then. I distanced myself with everyone… my friends…family… I used to fight with my best friend,with whom I used to live with, for no reason and often forget important stuff. I feel bad now that when I pushed everyone away nobody pushed back that yes I am there for you. I cried for like 6 months straight.
But I am ok now… I realized when I came back to my senses that he was actually the definition of a fuckboy… He never loved me but it hurts to think how stupid I was…
I am moving ahead … still not able love anybody since then even afraid if I might ever.
Sometimes I still miss him … is it wrong to miss him … I mean he might be very happy with his wife and not even thinking about me or I don’t think so he even realised the kind of ass he was to me … but why do I miss him … why i am always remembering all the good times we had or what will I say or pretend to say if ever I meer him in future… why is he still in my mind. After so much has happened … i mean why.

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Hi, I can relate so badly to you post… I understand , it’s Hard you shouldnt be this harsh with yourself… It’s okay missing him doesn’t Mean you need or want him back… It just means you are human… Remembering the positive stuff is also normal… The only way to raide abpve it all is to start loving yourself… Take yourself out, get to know yourself… Make yourself happy expect love and care from yourself like you would from someone else… Only when you will truly be at peace with yourself will you be able to look back, smile at it all and feel more indifferent…

It will all be okay… 💛


Thank you for this🧡


How easy it was for the other person to break us, not the worst part is they don’t realise this!!!

They just don’t understand they have ruined a person’s mental peace, I mean ek haste khelte insan se uski khushi aur shayad ek waqt ke uska sub kuch chinn rhe ho aap and ek br aise kuch karne se pehle sochte nai ki dusri taraf kya haal hoga!

I still remember the similar thing which happened to me, it’s been an year for me as well… I do get emotional and end up crying but then I feel if I m crying does it bother him ? I get my answer and I calm down myself. It is not easy to get over this thing but yes time help us to heal…

I engage myself with things I enjoy doing, I remember the happy times which I had in my past and I know you can’t trust anyone now but yes maybe soon we will start doing it!!

We get involved in our relationship like anything and we forget to love and respect ourselves, which is the most important thing. Try enjoying the your own company again and look for ppl who care for you genuinely and be around that positive vibe

Aur haan jo hua so hogya usse change nai kar sakte hum, it was lesson of life samaj aagae bado and hope for the best!

Ye chiz aapse jayda khud se kah rhi hu mai, hope hum jaise log dobara khud ki importance samjhe and unhe maaf kar aagae badhe !!

Lots of love ❣️

Smile we deserve it 😇🌼

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