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Hello all,
I am getting over someone… I am kinda accepting everything,
My emotions were treated as a joke, She said it… she was joking.
we still talk, I see her like everyday.
She keeps checking on me with text and calls…
But she treats me poorly, But I am giving no reaction about that.
I am still having a heavy depression,
I am getting behind every important thing in my life,
I have no will to do anything…
I wanna change… I wanna love myself once again, because I hate me!
I wanna be good… I need help.

Post anonymously?

I feel you. have you heard that song by selena gomez? it goes I needed to lose you to love me. Just know there are a million fish in the see and there will always be someone better. Im getting over someone too. But i hope your feeling better.


I hope your feelings too get better 🙏🏻


Hey…!! Just ignore her… spend more time with yourself than thinking about her… just tell her directly that you don’t wanna talk to her or spend more time on her… divert yourself on different things to keep yourself occupied and to stop thinking about her.


She’s right too, if you want to get over her just leave and ignore her calls.


Actually, I started ignoring this morning…
I am wokring on my thinking too,
It’s eating me alive.

But i cannot understand,
If she doesn’t want me why she keeps texting and calling!?


Every girl has that inside her “after me telling also he still likes me” she will keep checking on you until you give her that importance… so stop giving that importance to her… don’t completely ignore… just say your busy… don’t reply immediately or respond immediately… avoid her calls tell ur busy can’t talk now… and call her after 1 or 2 days if you feel like… talk to the point… don’t waste time talking unnecessary things… tell her you have no time… making her feel jealous n all is old school type… IGNORANCE IS BILSS


Thank youuuu a lot,
I will start following what you said!!


Relationships get onto our nerves. After breakups we feel heavy and wish to undo everything. All these things take time, don’t worry. It’s a process and it will get healed.

However, when you want to leave everything behind and be happy again (without her being in your life) what is the sense of talking everyday? How is that even making you move forward and not backwards?

You are the one who will either break or make your life. Focus on making it rather than destroying it. Focus on things that you are lacking on. Tell yourself you have to do it. Your Subconsious will accept it and you will be determined to work towards it slowly.