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 Have you ever wondering what it would be like to be in a fairytale, to meet your Prince Charming, to fall in love, and live a happy ever after just like in a Disney movie… if it all could be possible in real life but in a realistic way to have a happy ending. I’ve been heart broken over-n-over again and actually wondered if someone could ever love me the way I’ve always wanted to be loved, to feel the feeling of someone actually loving me and only me, for them to stick by my side through thick and thin no matter what happens, to support me no matter what, for them to love me unconditionally without any hesitation, to think I’m perfect and the most beautiful thing in the world. I never ever thought I would find it until one day this tall, handsome, kind, caring, funny, smart, brown-eyed, curly haired boy walked into my life at such an unexpected time. My Prince Charming, I finally found him… the one to love me the way I’ve always wanted to be loved. I really do love him more than anything in the world and I honestly see how much he loved me, he doesn’t judge me or try to change me in anyway and he truly does love me for me. I hope I get to have my fairytale with him and my happy ever after… That’s all I truly honestly ever ask God is for this one to stay, to be my Prince Charming, to have OUR happy ending, to have OUR fairytale like a dream come true…

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you can always have your fairytale and a happy ending that too without a prince charming, you can love yourself the way you want him to love because I always think it is you who is always with yourself from the day you were born till the day you die!!!


Awww thats so sweet… i hope that u both last forever