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Have you ever tried to push yourself towards depression,
Seems like I have been willingly tried doing so
I know I shouldn’t
But it’s easier
It’s some sort of anger
My stomach feels empty
I don’t feel belonged
And that’s also what I chose for myself
I don’t want to be emotionally financially or physically dependent on anyone
I don’t want to have any sort of feeling
This makes me feel so empty
But I have been doing this to myself

Post anonymously?

Hey Buddy
Everything gonna be alright soon
Stay strong and believe in yourself


Hiii friend.
You feel as if you don’t need anybody, no one cares about you, don’t need you. You feel as if you are just a bird that broke the cage but without a sense of home. A sense of void. Am I right? Can we talk about it more? What led you to think so? How did things start to go in this way? How you lost a sense of belongingness?
Hope we can together sort it!
Take care.