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Happy… Sad… But still relieved
Met him through tinder last October
Had some good times with him
We were clear about this being just about sex and friendship… He was so good that i fell for him. Told him he said he reciprocated the feelings but then slowly things changed… Good times were few and far in between… On and off was how we were for a long time… I became clingy and he distant. He told me that we weren’t a couple. Accepted it but still hoped for things to be good. Lots of fights. Got anxiety due to OVER thinking about “us”
Met him 15days ago. Spent money to get room booked. Bought alcohol as he wanted to drink. Spent 24hrs with him. Talked about his favorite things and when I asked about future plans he told me that I always ruined things by thinking about the future rather than enjoying the present and letting things unfold in their own. Accepted this fact. Last week when I msged him he replied almost after 12 hrs and told that I was irritating him. I asked him if he wanted me in his life or not.
He said he wanted me but this fights and always msging is not what he wants.
I got angry and wanted to say a lot of things but I knew it won’t change anything so just didn’t reply. It’s been a week he hasn’t msged n neither have I.
What did I do wrong?
I feel like something I did caused this gap between us.
But his absence has helped me be myself and the constant worrying has reduced a lot.
So confused as hell but clear that I won’t msg him now

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That’s what I am trying to do some days I am good but somdays I am so anxious and feel like msging him which won’t do me any good…

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Yes true… Thanks 😊😊

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