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Good morning,
I feel lost and confused .
I feel like if I make this choice I’ll loose out on parts of me.
Is asking for working after marriage too much for indian culture.


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I don’t exactly know your situation but if you really really want it don’t back out you’ll end up being miserable and it will profoundly effect your family.

And no… You are not asking for too much.


I don’t know how it works but I know people in India who are completing their studies while being pregnant and working with babies. If they can do it you can do it too. Talk to your family and convince them. Why don’t you tell them why you really want to work.


Nah I am from India too but I think you should never sacrifice work if you are passionate about it or u have friends at work or memories.
Well just talk to ur fiancé about it👍


I am from India too, and I strongly believe that working after marriage is crucial because by doing so you don’t lose your individuality and you are financially stable and independent.
It is not too much to ask for something you have complete rights over.
find someone who understands that and I also think if only both people work you will be able to do finances to live in todays world